Premaster files specifications:

  • File format should be WAV or AIF, no way MP3;
    24 or 32 bit, original sample rate, MAXIMUM peak level -1 dBFS.
  • No limiter or heavy processing on the master buss;
    loudness ranges between -14 and -10 LUFS are acceptable;
    you are welcome to send a limited version of the mix to use as reference.
  • Leave at least 200ms before the start and after the end of each track;
    add lead-in and lead-out silence betwen the tracks.
  • Apply fade-in and fade-out to avoid clicks and pops.
  • Avoid excessive energy below 30 Hz and above 6 kHz, it will negatively affect the potential record loudness.
  • If possible, avoid phase incoherent signals below 250 Hz do not use a mono maker plugin on the master buss, rather filter the single channels with a MS equaliser.
  • If you are not sure about tools or procedures, just make the mix sound as finished as you can and leave the final steps to our trusted mastering personnel.
    We have established long term relationships with some of the best mastering engineers in Europe, who can take care of the whole process for 60 € per track.